General Dentistry

Dr. Ravin and the Elite Smiles team provide general dental care to patients of all ages. We offer a variety of services meant to help you have the smile you’ve always wanted. Our focus on dental hygiene, gum health and other structures means your oral health is our top priority. Our general dentistry services range from dental exams and dental cleanings to porcelain crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, and all dental emergencies.

Preventative Services

Preventative services include regular exams and x-rays and help build a foundation of lasting oral health. Regular exams not only include cleanings but may also provide preventive services like sealants, educational tools and other screenings to ensure you have a well-rounded dental health treatment regimen.


Restorative Services

Elite Smiles provides more than preventive services. Restorative services include fillings, treatment for broken, loosened or chipped teeth as well as treatment for tooth pain and gum disease. Root canals, orthodontics and dental implants also fall under this category.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our general dentistry services employ cutting edge technology to give our patients the highest level of care available. This technology includes digital x-rays and intra-oral photos to make sure we get the best understanding of your oral health. We also use cone beam computed tomography when we need 3-D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone.


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Other Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

We strive to give you the smile of your dreams. Having a smile you’re proud of can bring new confidence and complete your whole look. Improve your smile’s blueprint at Elite Smiles! Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening services, starting Invisalign®, a smile makeover, crowns, or other cosmetic dentistry services, we’re ready to make you smile.

Sleep Dentistry

Your dental health impacts every aspect of your wellbeing, including your sleep. Dr. Ravin is specially trained in sleep dentistry, which addresses issues that might have a negative impact on your ability to have a restful night’s sleep, including issues such as snoring and sleep apnea. Getting a better night’s rest can make all the difference, and Elite Smiles helps you get there.

Alternative Medicine

Elite Smiles understands that oral health affects the whole body. Dr. Ravin, who recently completed traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology and acupuncture studies, has a broad understanding of complementary and holistic treatment options and is happy to discuss such alternative paths.